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Limo Hire Rules


Limousines are a lot like hotels: they can comfortably seat-10 to 12 people, they can have a well-stocked bar depending on booking requests, and room service simply requires pressing a button and issuing instructions to the driver. So why is it that some people behave so badly in a limo when they would never think of trashing a $500-a-night luxury suite? Here is how to keep your limo ride stress free for you, your other passengers, and the driver.


* STEP 1:

Be where you are supposed to be. Technically, a botched pickup is no big deal to the limo company. After all, youre going to be billed for the ride, whether you and your friends are waiting in the right place or not. However, your guests may not appreciate cooling their heels for hours at a bus station downtown when you actually told the limo driver to pick you up at your house.

* STEP 2:

Let the driver open the doors. Yes, you may be eager to impress your girlfriend, but you'll have to settle for her wonderment about the magnificent transportation you've arranged its strictly the limo drivers job to open the door for guests. Having a tug-of-war over the door handle is not a good way to start a fancy evening (and if you lose, your manhood may be called into question).

* STEP 3:

Dont play pack the limo. The reason a limo company asks how many guests youll be bringing is so it can dispatch a vehicle of the right size. Suddenly doubling your guest count will necessitate a long wait as the driver radios for a bigger limo, if theres one available(and no, no mattter how much you bribe him, he will not let you stuff 20 people into his tricked-up sedan).

* STEP 4:

Keep the drinking to a minimum. Part of the fun of riding a limo is having sufficient room (and sufficiently robust shock absorbers) to pour out a champagne toast. But if its a one-hour ride to your destination, getting smashed will only annoy your driver and incur additional expenses (such as when your pal slices open the back-seat upholstery on the theory that someone rich must have hidden diamonds in there.)

* STEP 5:

Be nice to the driver. Its usually in your drivers interest to convey you quickly and safely to your destination, but if you insult him needlessly (Hey, Pedro! Dont they teach you how to drive in Peru?), he may just as well let you off at an abandoned coal mine on the outskirts of town.

* STEP 6:

Just remember that the "HUMMERZINE" Limousines have a strictly "NO SMOKING"policy with no exceptions and the driver has the right to ask passengers to exit the Hummerzine.


1. When you make an enquiry about the availability for the Hummerzine , you will be pencilled in until a 30 % deposit payment is made to confirm the car for that date and time.

2. Sometimes we get alot of enquiries about the same event so book early, pay your deposit and the Hummerzine will be yours for your function .Hummerzines can not be confirmed for your date until the deposit has been payed.

3. Decide on the Hummerzine colour that you want *, the date you want it for, try to have all your details ready, pick up time, pick up venue, drop off venue and number of passengers,the more information we have, the easier it is to organise your time in the Hummerzine.


5. Ring us,talk to us and we will assisit you to make your time in the Hummerzine a memorable


Treat the Hummerzines with respect as you will be charged for any damage that you or your friends cause.

1. If your transfers ends up going over the original booking allocation time , we have the right to

(a) Charge you at the full price for the time over the original booked time eg: if your booking is from 10:00 am to 11:00am if we are held up due to your taking longer then planned and us dropping you off at 12:15pm, We will charge you for an extra 1hour and 15 min at full price

(b) If we have another booking pre booked for after your transfer , we have the right to leave you somewhere suitable for us so we can get to our next booking.

2. For all WEDDINGS NOW, will will require a VISA /MASTERCARD for any extra time over charges.We have been too understanding with WEDDING CLIENTS that have agreed to pay at the time of the transfer for over time charges ,but then the next day have refused to pay. For that reason we will require a current visa card as a deposit .It will not be charged ,just held as a fallback for us Regards from your friends at Hummerzine

* If the car you have booked is for some reason taken off the road ,we will try to make other Hummerzine available .If a car is unavailable ,we will orgainise another form of transport for you and try to notify you before pick up.